About Superli

Superli is a Dutch family company and has been producing a beautiful range of hair care products for men and women with great care for 80 years! Think of shampoo, conditioner, gel, gelwax, paste, perm-lotion, hair lotion, specially developed for your hair salon or barbershop. Quality and attention for these products are the core values of our family business. With the help and tips from you, hairdressers and barbers, we come to a beautiful recipe and in this way we produce authentic, high quality products in a modern way.

Superli is er voor mannen

Own production location


In our production facility in Moerkapelle you won’t find hypermodern dosing robots or automatic filtering processes. Many of our products are made and filled by hand. We craft our products with authentic recipes, adapted to modern times and requirements. The quality of our products is monitored precisely because our products are handmade. We know how our products should smell and when they need to be filtered once more. This way we guarantee that we only ship products that meet the quality you expect from Superli.

Our company and its history

Superli is a family business with a long history. At this moment we have a workforce of four. Jeroen, Simone, Nick and Gea. Jeroen arranges everything that relates to the recipes, prices and a part of the administration. Simone is a star in production. Nick does paperwork and works in production. Gea controls the marketing and product registration and also works in production. We are well attuned and believe in our products. We are certain that if you use our products and work with them, you will feel and experience our passion too!

Superli team-2